About me

Trained as a mathematician with some experience as a dairy scientist, now studying quantitative ecology and fisheries science at the UW.

Cole Monnahan


After Mathematics and German Language at Western Washington University, I worked for a few years in a USDA dairy chemistry lab as an Agricultural Statistician. While I developed many useful skills there, I was interested less in dairy science and more in working on problems that lie in the intersection of quantitative sciences, ecology, and resource management.

Lacking the skills necessary to pursue such a career, I decided to come to graduate school and found the QERM interdisciplinary graduate program here at the UW to be the ideal place to develop them. After a year of rigorous training I joined the Branch lab where I worked on estimating past and current trends in abundance of eastern North Pacific blue whales for my M.S. and now and studying Bayesian methods in fisheries stock assessment for my PhD.

Take a look at my research page to learn more.

Not work

I was born and raised about an hour north of Seattle and have never really left the Pacific Northwest. In my spare time I enjoy getting out from behind the computer and spending time outside, whether hiking, climbing, or gardening.