Welcome to my website! I'm a PhD student in the QERM interdisciplinary program at the University of Washington, studying quantitative fishery science in the Branch lab. Have a look at my research interests or learn more about me.

Prospective SAFS or QERM graduate students are welcome to contact me about my experience in graduate school at the UW.

I will try my best to keep this site updated but make no promises! I'll try to add some nice photos/figures later. I host this site through github and blatantly stole the template and idea from my friend Nick Kullman. His is way nicer so check it out.

Assessing blue whale recovery

I assessed the recovery and quantified the threat of ship strikes to California blue whales. Learn more

Simulation testing of fisheries assessments

Together with a group of researchers I developed a software package called ss3sim which facilitates simulation testing of fisheries. Learn more

Efficient Bayesian algorithms

I'm investigating the most efficient algorithms for difficult-to-fit models in fisheries and ecology. Learn more